Sunday, 17 May 2009

Whar if im not the Superhero,What if i'm the bad guy ?

Sunday 17 May 2009

This is my real life diary.

Woke up by the call of my big brother "Bronagh go to the shop and get some rolls" I groaned i have to do this nearly every Sunday but then again it's worth it. Half asleep i walked to the shop and bought rolls and a sweet :)
About 10 to 12 i went to mass.An hour of boredom.On the way there i brought my Twilight book.It is really really exciting! I have Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse.On the way back i read it again. Reading about 30 pages there and back.Then i began to cook some bacon, egg and added them to my roll, yum :)
Then back to my secret destinaition, The second living room, Reading up to page 200 in less than 2days. I have been told i am a fast reader :|Twilight is sooo gripping! Lol.
Then me and my family went on a bike ride.It was long and far and then it started raining, Then two dogs (one was a German Shepard ) started a fight will a wee baby dog!It was terrifying!
Before i knew it i was home snuggled up reading more... You geussed it! Twilight!Lol.Then dinner A yummy pizza :) Then more Twilight! Shower and bedd.

PS. This is new, I will add pics and more.Please follow.

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