Friday, 22 May 2009

Thursday 22 May 2009

Who doesn't love the holidays ?! Well i am on one now! Today was amazing even though it was unexpected.
Well i woke up at 10 am to go to mass. I went with my gran. Apparently my gran wad "cold" so she went to her friends house to wait for the bus. My grans friend Morine burst out with a convorsation " Those packies never have any fags!" said Morine " Packies are useless!" my gran said. Omg! I was laughing so hard lmaoo.
After mass my mum picked my up. On the way home we were lisning to the radio, "Real Radio Renegade" it said " Has been confirmed it is in Clydebank" Clydebank is where i stayed. We heard it was at a famous landmark so we went to the Titan Carne. There was so much people there with phones listing to the radio it was unremarkable! More clues led to more and more people! Even though we could win 4k we left. It was out ragous coz' there was FAR TO MANY PEOPLE!Then i went home and went to my friends played on her trampoline and then i went home again. Next I Eventually finished Twilight.

<3 sorry this was a short post.

Titan at night.

Real Radio Renegade website


The Real Radio Renegade is on the run again…catch him and you could win your share of tens of thousands of pounds.

All you have to do is track him down and ask "Are you the Real Radio Renegade?" - remember he could be anywhere so stay alert!

To help you find him, make sure you're listening to Real Radio at 08.15, 12.15 and 16.15 each weekday for a clue to his location and to find out how much the bounty is on his head.

Then keep listening for more hints and tips to help track him down.

The Real Radio Renegade will also leave calling cards at the places he’s visited. If you find one you could be close to tracking him down.

You can also get an additional online clue for each bounty period here.

The Real Radio Renegade with Arnold's Crunch Busters - hunting down super savings on new and used cars!

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