Wednesday, 22 September 2010


Well, hello!
My god, today was... exciting.
Well, It`s Wedensday! -.-
Anyways, i don`t know how to start, so i will start on the best thing about today.

I was eating lunch with my friends, Nicole, Emma, Zoe and Kerry.
We where casually sitting there when a bunch of guys sat beside us.
There was a gap between me and this guy, and some other guy (a babe!)
sat beside me, I was in hysterics! It was amazing, he sat beside me!
So, him and his friends where talking. So was me and mine, i wasn`t eating.
It was too akward ;/
So, to make matters worse my friend Nicole decided
to scream sarcastically 'BRONAGH, STOP EATING LIKE A PIG!'
The babe turned around and looked at me, he then said to me
'Yeah! Stop eating like a pig!' it was so funny!
I just burst out laughing! Ohhh... memories!

Also, After school i was walking home with Emma.
And there was bus coming, i decided to shout -
I said this while i was running (btw - i was serious!)
she decided to walk the whole way there as slow as possible,
thankfully the bus was slower than i expected.
As i turned the corner and the bus arrived, i saw another babe.
I hit emma, to make her turn around. She looked and was like 'what?'
i replied 'there is a babe!' she looked and then i realized who it was...
I can`t tell you his name, idk why - i just cant.
So, anyways he recognized me and just stared at us.
Oh, it was gooooooood(:

Kay, bye now!

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